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TJ (tj) wrote :

In the upstream bug I've discovered the reason for this problem.

IcedTeaPlugin in the OpenJDK package is built against the xulrunner 1.9.0 headers and uses the nsIProcess ID from xulrunner 1.9.0: "9DA0B650-D07E-4617-...".

The problem is that xulrunner 1.9.1 has changed the Interface ID (IID) of the nsIProcess component (an additional member has been added to the interface) - it is now "D573F1F3-FCDD-4DBE-...".

As a result, when the current IcedTeaPlugin tries to create an nsIProcess component for Firefox 3.5, xulrunner 1.9.1 can't find the component and returns NS_NOINTERFACE.

I'm exploring whether IcedTeaPlugin could be patched to query the nsIProcess interface to select the correct IID to use, or else catch this error and try the newer IID before giving up.