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Brian Rosmaita (brian-rosmaita) wrote :

The backport to Queens is complicated by the fact that the exception used in this fix doesn't exist in Queens.

It was introduced in Stein and backported to Rocky as change If7c22ac4516f8c2a6ccd8bf6b6ed98409312b138 to fix Bug #1798147.

Change If7c22ac4516f8c2a6ccd8bf6b6ed98409312b138 didn't contain any tests, so I figured it would be a good idea to add one to increase the probablity that the stable cores would approve a backport to Queens of the fix for Bug #1798147 (which would give us the exception we need in Queens). While adding the test, I came across Bug #1811184.

Unfortunately, the code fixing Bug #1798147 also introduced Bug #1808443, which has already been fixed by change I2aa56da73660794c6dedcbb8a66e84bcec511a9c in Stein (and backported to Rocky).

What I think we should do to get this bug (i.e., the one where this comment is being displayed) fixed in Queens is:

1. Fix Bug #1811184 in master (change I6d8dedfd056add3414f8f4bf7f7279eae4763286) and backport it to Rocky.

2. From Rocky, cherry pick to Queens:
   If7c22ac4516f8c2a6ccd8bf6b6ed98409312b138 (fixes Bug #1798147)
   I2aa56da73660794c6dedcbb8a66e84bcec511a9c (fixes Bug #1808443)
   I6d8dedfd056add3414f8f4bf7f7279eae4763286 (fixes Bug #1811184)
   Ic011fe30b4840e5098db1a594ea276ec98768bff (fixes Bug #1799221, i.e., this very bug)

3. Squash them all together in a single backport patch to Queens.

And then hope it's a simple backport from Queens to Pike!