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Steve Langasek (vorlon) wrote :

Hi Marc,

> #553328: After the checkbox application is closed, the backend process
> keeps running and consumes a significant amount of processor resources.

That's bad, but not critical and the queue for post-RC fixes is already quite large, so I suggest deferring this to SRU.

> #550973: This is a requirement of the Launchpad team which would very
> much appreciate if this fix could make it into Lucid.

That's not how I read the bug; I think it's clear from Gary's last comments that they acknowledge exceptions are appropriate in some cases, and since the referrer policy is intended to address referrer vulnerabilities in web browsers, which should AIUI never be the interface used for submitting to the hwdb, this isn't actually important to fix at all in the final analysis?

Overall I would draw the conclusion that the bugfixes should be pushed to SRU.