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Karl Fogel (kfogel) wrote : Re: [Bug 97715] Re: bzr log DIR should show changes under dir

Ian Clatworthy <email address hidden> writes:
>> As far as correctness goes, it's passing all my tests so far. I have
>> some old 'bzr log -v' for the same tree sitting around. It only goes to
>> about November 2002 (I had to kill the process eventually), but checking
>> those two ranges against each other in the old and new logs doesn't
>> raise any problems. They're different, obviously, since the second one
>> was on a subdir, but they're different in the expected ways.
> Thanks for the testing. Sounds like it's working, just not fast enough.
> That's the best I can offer right now, sorry.

Hey, working at all is still progress. When the improved repository
format comes out we'll hopefully get the speed too.

If the remaining performances issues are really a subcase of bug
, then this bug can be closed, right?