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Vincent Ladeuil (vila) wrote :

I never thought about http 100-continue (and my gut feeling/confused memories on the topic is that the client initiates the 100-continue and we explicitly don't do that), but I may be wrong.

I thought this bug was triggered by some 401 error requiring resending the request (hence the rewind).

In both cases, a .bzr.log file for the failing command with -Dhttp added is the best way to gather the data needed for the diagnosis.

So if the failing command is:

   bzr pull <url>


  bzr pull -Dhttp <url>

and attach the relevant part of ~/.bzr.log (bzr version will tell you where it's located).

Make sure there is no sensitive header contents in the excerpt (any header with auth in its name is potentially leaking credentials). If there are such headers, edit their *value* only. We don't need the value for the diagnosis, but *not* having the header at *all* will led us to wrong conclusions.

I filed bug #723074 about credentials in .bzr.log.