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John A Meinel (jameinel) wrote : Re: [Bug 240294] Re: configuration or command option to ignore filesystem permission changes

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Keith wrote:
> Update, I was partially wrong. The issue occurs when you do a checkout
> with tortoise bzr, then use "bzr status" (or commit etc..) from cygwin
> is when it believes that the file permissions were deliberately changed.
> It does not seem to be an issue when you branch with command line bzr
> from cygwin! Also - if you branch with tortoise bzr - before you do any
> work, use cygwin, go to your working directory, run "bzr revert". You
> will not lose any work (as you have done none) and it will put the
> working tree in a state that matches the repository - and TortoiseBzr
> appears to continue working as desired.
> This really only applies to those who wish to use command line and ui
> interfaces for bzr..

You can use the 'bzr.exe' that comes with TBzr, and *not* use cygwin's bzr.

The issue is that cygwin is adding posix-like semantics that don't exist
natively on Windows. So a native Windows app doesn't *see* something
like 'executable', because that isn't tracked in NFTS/FAT in the same
way. (I'm not entirely sure where cygwin stores the exec bit.)

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