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Ian Clatworthy (ian-clatworthy) wrote :

Following a review of some proposed changes to, here are some associated comments on IRC:

(17:00:30) poolie_: it's about, say, if it was http+pycurl then we should preserve the 'pycurl' bit
(17:00:30) igc: when vila get's to it
(17:01:15) poolie_: hm
(17:01:28) poolie_: i think the main thing is that it ought to be a call to something like
(17:01:48) poolie_: target = urlutils.copy_url_qualifiers(original, target)
(17:01:57) poolie_: and then that can be tested separately
(17:02:08) poolie_: rather than doing string slicing inline here

The code in question (which was previously executed but the result was not used), has been removed and replaced with a comment.