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jugglefish (pniederlag) wrote : Re: bzrlib [ERNO 24] too many open files

pn@h01:/opt/openerp-git/addons$ git repack
Nothing new to pack.
pn@h01:/opt/openerp-git/addons$ git repack -A -d
error: Could not read b8b1903c2f81483f14f475267f3a06778ecc211e
fatal: bad tree object b8b1903c2f81483f14f475267f3a06778ecc211e

git fsck and git gc seem to fail as well...
.. I guess I am stuck again. :-<

Getting trunk up and running has been on my list already, don't know If I can make that. sources are already in /u/l/s but still have to figure out a way to hook them into the regular package based bzr installation.