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Jelmer Vernooij (jelmer) wrote : Re: [Bug 1313861] Re: git: AssertionError: Invalid sha for <Commit ...>: ...

On Tue, Aug 21, 2018 at 11:01:19AM -0000, Colin Watson wrote:
> Jelmer, could you point to what commits fixed this in brz-git? We could
> backport it to Launchpad's bzr-git branch, which might be the most
> expedient approach for now.

Note that the title of this bug is a symptom that can be caused by any
kind of data corruption bug. bzr-git is trying to create a Git object
from some Bazaar data and comes up with content that doesn't match
the SHA1 checksum that it expected.

It's possible that the various repositories mentioned in comments
for this bug are because different issues; I've only looked at the
repository in the initial description. That said..

It looks like for seafile, the repository is corrupted, since bzr-git
can't recreate the original git objects from it.

This can be seen by running "bzr git-objects".

$ bzr branch lp:~seafile-team/seafile/lpad
$ cd lpad
$ bzr git-objects

This means that that branch will need to be nuked and then reimported
once the bug is fixed.

The bug that introduces the corruption is still present in lp:bzr-git
- a fresh clone with lp:bzr and lp:bzr-git still fails the "bzr git-objects" test
mentioned above. For Breezy this is not the case.

Unfortunately brz-git has changed significantly since lp:bzr-git, and
we can't just isolate a smaller number of commits to backport. :(

blodeuwedd:~/src/breezy% bzr diff -rbranch:lp:bzr-git.. breezy/git | diffstat -s
 63 files changed, 8706 insertions(+), 4458 deletions(-)

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