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Erik Bågfors (zindar) wrote : Re: [Bug 46561] hybrid checkout between lightweight and heavy

I think this is what's been discussed on the mailinglist as "history
horizons". Where a branch (bound or not bound) only have a part of the

I too, really would like this, but mostly for unbound branches.


tor 2006-05-25 klockan 12:29 +0000 skrev Jeff Licquia:

> Public bug reported:
> This is a wishlist bug. Filing on the recommendation of Jeff Bailey.
> We have lightweight checkouts, which depend entirely on access to the
> upstream branch, and heavy checkouts, which are fully independent and
> have full history. Would it be possible to have a hybrid checkout,
> which had some of the history locally, but not all of it?
> The idea is that the checkout would be "heavy" when dealing with
> "recent" commits (for some definition of "recent"), but would go into
> "light" mode when the user started working with commits beyond "recent".
> Most importantly, the user could work offline and commit just like a
> "heavy" checkout for the most common case, where the previous few
> revisions are all that the user cares about.
> Darcs has something like this: "darcs get --partial" only retrieves the
> most recent changesets.
> ** Affects: bzr (upstream)
> Severity: Normal
> Priority: (none set)
> Status: Unconfirmed