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Robert Collins (lifeless) wrote : Re: [Bug 37915] Re: branching v6 branch into shared repo creates v6 branch

On Mon, 2006-04-03 at 20:25 -0400, James Blackwell wrote:

> Yes, this does mean that waterfall effects are not necessary. But I don't
> think we evade that by shoving it off into a --upgrade option, as users
> would just tuck it into a command alias. If they're going to do it
> anyways, then you may as well make it the default for them.*
> * Either that or be ready to continually answer the question each format
> bump about why branches aren't entering the shared repo. This is a sign
> that a opportunity to be intuitive has been missed.

This is not the case though. Once you have a shared repo format, you no
longer need to upgrade for this to automatically use the shared repo.
Its presumed you will have an appropriately formatted shared repo you
are pushing the branch to, and thus there is no problem.

This issue will only exist when the bzrdir format bumps, and that should
be extremely rare from here on out: we can add new tree formats, branch
formats etc to the one bzrdir 'metadir' format.


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