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Jelmer Vernooij (jelmer) wrote : Re: [Bug 1796218] Re: brz info: KeyError in git repository

On Fri, Oct 05, 2018 at 03:07:04AM -0000, Aaron Bentley wrote:
> git cat-file -p cc908f20046b3d116725d4c248c5faf7a3eb70e0 works. It
> returns a commit log with tree, parent, author, committer and a message
> body. Unfortunately, this is proprietary code, so I can't post it.
> brz git-refs | grep cc908f20046b3d116725d4c248c5faf7a3eb70e0
> HEAD -> cc908f20046b3d116725d4c248c5faf7a3eb70e0
> refs/heads/feature/SPLM-1934-integration-test-7814 -> cc908f20046b3d116725d4c248c5faf7a3eb70e0
> refs/remotes/origin/feature/SPLM-1934-integration-test-7814 -> cc908f20046b3d116725d4c248c5faf7a3eb70e0

Hmm, odd. I'm not hitting this on Git repositories. Is there something
special about the git repository, i.e. a non-custom option that was
set during creation? Shallow branch, that sort of thing?

Does running "dulwich log" in the repository work?

Is .git a file or a directory?

Do any of the following files exist?


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