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John Lenton (chipaca) wrote :

I understand (after talking with thumper) that this is related: a push to launchpad got interrupted (dropped connection) and the message after that was

$ bzr push
Using saved push location: bzr+ssh://<email address hidden>/~chipaca/xyzzy/blah
Unable to obtain lock lp-46717904:///~chipaca/xyzzy/blah/.bzr/branch/lock
held by <email address hidden> on host crowberry [process #10729]
locked 9 hours, 30 minutes ago
Will continue to try until 11:36:49, unless you press Ctrl-C
If you're sure that it's not being modified, use bzr break-lock lp-46717904:///~chipaca/xyzzy/blah/.bzr/branch/lock
bzr: ERROR: Could not acquire lock "(remote lock)"

doing bzr break lock lp-46717904:///... didn't work; I had to remove both the -<number> and the ///.