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ajhcasual (ajh8888) wrote :

Using AMD semprons 1800+.

I am experiencining the problem after running ubuntu update manager, which upgrades firefox 11 to firefox 12 and upgrades Flash player to

Also as a test, I downloaded the non-repository firefox from mozilla website, and then downloaded the same version of Flash from Adobe website (the tar.gz for "other linux". I ran "apt-get purge" for the existing firefox and adobe-flashplugin, then extracted the firefox and flash to my home folder, and the same problem occured. So this shows that it isn't related to the firefox or flash that ubuntu provides, it happens with the versions downloaded direct from the vendor sites.

I have successfully run this same version of flash with the firefox 12 from mozilla's site on another machine, but it was a different hardware model and a different OS too, so now I can't say whether it was the OS (mint 11) or the CPU type that allowed it to function correctly...