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Doug Hellmann (doug-hellmann) wrote :

Looking at where is being used, I see mostly tests or Sphinx configuration files. We should probably go ahead and fix them, but it would be good to focus on production code first if possible.

  $ aeromancer grep os.popen | egrep -v '(bandit||test)'
  openstack/fuel-ostf/fuel_health/common/ f_path = os.popen('ls %s' % path, 'r').read().strip('\n')
  openstack/fuel-qa/utils/jenkins/ cls.pipe = os.popen('less --chop-long-lines', 'w')
  openstack/monasca-agent/monasca_agent/collector/checks_d/ for line in os.popen(self.init_config.get('mk_agent_path')).readlines():
  openstack/monasca-agent/monasca_agent/collector/checks_d/ count = os.popen('sudo find %s -type f | wc -l' % queue_path)
  openstack/monitoring-for-openstack/legacy/oschecks-check_swift_dispersion:with os.popen("swift-dispersion-report -j %s" \
  openstack/openstackdocstheme/README.rst: gitsha = os.popen(git_cmd).read().strip('\n')