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Robert Collins (lifeless) wrote : Re: [Bug 589534] [NEW] imports can hang when talking to

Well, for recv to be hung, we need the tcp session to appear live and
the sender to not send us data.

Some possibilities:
 - its not hung, they are deliberately drip feeding us
 - the sender has died but some networking config has prevented us
noticing (e.g. tcp keepalive is off and the other machine rebooted
without shutting down the links, or a firewall in the middle was
rebooted and lost its state, and because we're only receiving, we
don't get notified that its rejecting packets.)

For the former, asking them is best, for all of the latter cases,
making sure we have a tcp keepalive that is set nice and low would be
a good strategy: we don't want any idle connections in this service,
so setting it to (say) 5 minutes might help.