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Tristan Cacqueray (tristan-cacqueray) wrote : Re: Swift proxy memory leak on unfinished read

Thanks Örjan, next description will mention Kiliaro. I just need to figure out what swift release are going to be fixed...
The tip of stable/kilo (463fbe39fa1142d2bb9f7c738c6d88d9f77857f1) doesn't seems to be in any tags
There is no stable/liberty branch.

According to, it looks like the fix should land in 2.3.1 (for kilo) and 2.5.1 (for liberty).

@swift-coresec, is this following affect line correct ?

Affects: client to proxy: >=2.2.1, <= 2.3.0
                proxy to server: >=2.2.1, <= 2.3.0, >= 2.4.0, <= 2.5.0