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Christian Ehrhardt  (paelzer) wrote :

Hi Jeff,
thanks for the request, that is a known limit that is being worked on by various upstream projects.

The limit of 288 [1] was deliberately chosen for being the limits of testing at the time and limits of xapic [2].

There recently ~5.15 (which is jammy and later) has been a lift of thelimit on the kernel side [3][4], but that is only the first step.

You also need other components to be ready, like the smbios 3.0 entry point which is in seabios 1.16 (Kinetic and later) and edk2 (there it is rather old and should be ok for longer).

The work / discussions in qemu is ongoing as you might see in [5], but those haven't completed or landed yet - it is work in progress that has to complete and stabilize. You see here that would be a post 7.2 change anyway.

There are more things in the stack which might need patching e.g. in libvirt or even higher parts, I haven't checked those yet - but overall this isn't a "change a number and done" change :-/

I hope that the upstream projects can continue their great work and complete it all, but right now despite looking like a simple number there is not enough confidence for all the implications yet to just bump up that number.

[5]: https://<email address hidden>/