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Ɓukasz Zemczak (sil2100) wrote :

I have sponsored ivsc-driver for mantic. Right now that's as much as I can sponsor however, as the other bits need some questions answered:

 * ipu6-drivers for all series: when looking at the debdiff for mantic, I see that there's quite a lot of changes being added to the package. Besides the aforementioned 3 bug fixes, in the changelog I see entries from Andy Shevchenko, Hans de Goede and which are not clear to how they are related to the upload. Are those required to fix one of the 3 bugs? Can this be made clear in the changelog entry and the bug description? Since without full knowledge it's hard to know what's their purpose.
Also, currently the debdiff is 5k+ lines long. Are all these patches that are added required as-is?

 * ipu6-drivers and ivsc-driver for stable series: for these debdiffs to get sponsored, I would like the bug being prepared from the SRU perspective. Please see the template on and be sure to provide all the necessary information in the bug.