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Robie Basak (racb) wrote :

For ipu6-drivers into Mantic: are these straight cherry-picks from the upstream master branch, or have they been mdified? Please add dep3 headers[1] to the quilt patches that you're adding. This would make it easier to review them. This is our standard in Ubuntu. You might find useful[2].

[For other sponsors: my inclination is that if they are direct cherry-picks from upstream then it's probably OK without further review though I'd verify it that far.]

Please adjust your test plan as follows in the SRU documentation.

> Bug 2012407: make sure intel-ipu6-dkms build will be skipped on platforms without CONFIG_VIDEO_V4L2_I2C, and intel-vsc-dkms on platforms without CONFIG_GPIOLIB_IRQCHIP, such as linux-headers-kvm/jammy.

What are the exact steps you will use to verify this please?

> Bug 2021740: check built binary deb has XB-Modaliases tag in `dpkg-deb --info` output.

This test is insufficient. The case you made for SRUing this fix is for support in ubuntu-drivers, so please plan to test that support in ubuntu-drivers is actually working and document how you will do this.

> For rest of the changes, they should be verified on next IPU6 equipped platform.

Please expand on this. What are you intending to test and how exactly?

For bug 2026402, the case for SRUing this fix is that building the DKMS package fails using the upcoming HWE kernel and after this fix that it will work. So please test this end-to-end functionality by checking that with a given kernel the DKMS build succeeds. I would expect that to be tested against a version of the kernel that is in the archive. Is that already the case? If not, then I suggest that we either wait until it is, or split the SRU. If you think that's not practical then we can discuss further.

Since DKMS packages also need to build against the release (non-HWE) kernel version, it's a common area of risk that fixing against the HWE kernel may break the build against the release kernel, so please additionally plan to test that the package still builds against the release kernel.

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