Binary package “apache2-utils” in ubuntu mantic

Apache HTTP Server (utility programs for web servers)

 Provides some add-on programs useful for any web server. These include:
  - ab (Apache benchmark tool)
  - fcgistarter (Start a FastCGI program)
  - logresolve (Resolve IP addresses to hostnames in logfiles)
  - htpasswd (Manipulate basic authentication files)
  - htdigest (Manipulate digest authentication files)
  - htdbm (Manipulate basic authentication files in DBM format, using APR)
  - htcacheclean (Clean up the disk cache)
  - rotatelogs (Periodically stop writing to a logfile and open a new one)
  - split-logfile (Split a single log including multiple vhosts)
  - checkgid (Checks whether the caller can setgid to the specified group)
  - check_forensic (Extract mod_log_forensic output from Apache log files)
  - httxt2dbm (Generate dbm files for use with RewriteMap)