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Murph (murph9000) wrote :

I've done a little more digging. The use of /usr/libexec/hypervkvpd for the child scripts comes from upstream.

If the governing principle is to adhere to the default Linux & Debian paths (where reasonable), then the child scripts (hv_*.sh) should live there in Ubuntu. I.e. this is a packaging error that should be fixed in Ubuntu's debian/rules.d/

The default install location (in torvalds/linux) for the 3 hv_*_daemon binaries is /usr/sbin, but the hv_*.sh scripts install into /usr/libexec/hyperkvpd. For Debian, the hv_*_daemon binaries are in their hyperv-daemons package and install in /usr/sbin, but it seems that they have a long standing bug (#919350) where they don't provide any of the /usr/libexec/hyperkvpd scripts.