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Murph (murph9000) wrote : Re: [Hyper-V] KVP daemon fails to start

So, I've tried to dig into this a little to figure out why there's a mismatch between hv_kvp_daemon and the installed location of the hv_* scripts, and it looks like it must be somewhere on the packaging side of things rather than the build side. In both of the following Makefiles, the scripts which were throwing errors (hv_get_dhcp_info and hv_get_dns_info) look like they should be correctly installed in /usr/libexec/hypervkvpd. The daemons are still getting put into /usr/sbin by the Makefile, and they might be better living under libexec as well, since they don't really belong in PATH; but it's the location of the scripts which is a noisy bug that breaks some Hyper-V functionality.

Something in the packaging phase is erroneously moving those scripts from /usr/libexec/hyperkvpd to /usr/sbin, but I'm not entirely sure just what is doing that, only that it doesn't seem to be on the build side.