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Bug #1809737: Onboard crashes the entire desktop (Xorg crashes in _XkbSetMapChecks xkb.c:2387) High Triaged 248 weeks
Bug #1822184: clear_console locks up video when X is running and you log out from a plain text console Undecided Confirmed 276 weeks
Bug #1745799: Xwayland crashed with SIGABRT in OsAbort() from AbortServer() from FatalError() from xwl_log_handler() from wl_log() ["wl_registry@2: error 0: invalid global wl_output (20)\n"] Medium Confirmed 286 weeks
Bug #1683383: Keyboard layout change on hotkeys press instead of release and do not work well with shortcuts (reopen) Wishlist Confirmed 331 weeks
Bug #1247668: NumLock turned off on layout switch High Confirmed 533 weeks
Bug #1228095: Enable default options for non-seat0 seats (no need of systemd-multi-seat-x wrapper) Undecided Confirmed 564 weeks
Bug #1160903: Please re-patch 215_glx_drawable_refcounting.diff for precise (12.04) Undecided Confirmed 587 weeks

From: ojordan
Link: patch4

Bug #1005321: Several pointing device related problems occur when a touchscreen is installed Medium Triaged 598 weeks
Bug #1070214: misc:typo rules doesn't apply on X startup Undecided New 612 weeks
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