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harveygfl (harveygfl) wrote :

When i tried to use the easy install i got the same problem that all of you are describing with the keyboard...
(OSX 10.6.3/VMWARE Fusion 3.02) to get it to work..

I changed the Install method by unchecking the easy install method, l and used the live cd to test to see what would happen, when I ran the Live CD the Keyboard worked.

So i Did the install from the the Live CD instead of the vmware fusion scrip and the install worked. This means that there is something wrong with the VMWARE Script and Ubuntu 10.04 (32Bit). For whatever reason the keyboard autodetect parameter does not pass of perhaps the parameter name has changed and is not recognized during the process.

a vmware update script should should fix this problem, untill then dont use the easy install method.