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Martin Pitt (pitti) wrote : Re: [Bug 548891] Re: keyboard input broken at gnome login prompt after package updates

dlotton [2010-04-01 18:55 -0000]:
> _XKB_RULES_NAMES(STRING) = "evdev", "SKIP", "us", "", "terminate:ctrl_alt_bksp"

Ah! This was also confirmed by Charles Redman. The "SKIP" here
definitively looks fishy. It ought to be "pc105" or something
similar, unless "SKIP" is a real keyboard model used by VMWare.

To track this down further, can you please give me the output of

  xprop -root |grep NAMES.S

when you are in the running GNOME session and the keyboard works? (My
hope is that the model is then "pc105" or something similar).

Please also give me the output of

 grep ^X /etc/default/console-setup
 udevadm info --export-db|grep LAYOUT|sort -u


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