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Charles Redman (charles-redman) wrote : Re: keyboard input broken at gnome login prompt after package updates

After a little more research and VM building, this is what i find.

I can reproduce this problem with Ubuntu as guest on the following operating systems.

Ubuntu Karmic 64-bit
Mac OSX Snow Leopard
Windows XP
Windows 7
VMWare ESXi 4.0

For the most part, the problem is identical. Everything works with Lucid Beta 1 as the guest, up until applying updates
after that i can no longer log in with the same symptoms as previously reported on all of them, with the exception of Karmic. Karmic does not work from the get go, if i do a basic install of Lucid running on a Karmic host, the keyboard works but is mapped to the wrong keys and i have to use the onscreen keyboard to login. No matter what option i choose in under keyboard preferences after loggin in i cannot get the keyboard to map properly. After applying the updates to Lucid on the Karmic host it then mirrors the problems experienced with all the other hosts. The keyboard flat out does not work anymore.

Now the one thing i have noticed is that Lucid does not seem to pickup its keyboard mappings correctly for any of my hosts, when i say that, i mean it defaults to USA/USA as language and keyboard layout even though i have set it to use UK/UK as the language and keyboard layout.

I am assuming the reason some of us can work and some can't is because those that can are using a USA/USA layout.

Again, i am happy to test anything on any of the VM's i have should anyone wish to get to the bottom of this problem.

I am not sure the onscreen keyboard problem is necessarily exactly the bug listed above, as that was submitted in Feb and even though nothing has been resolved with it, Beta 1 shipped after that and the onscreen keyboard works in that release. Subsequent updates seem to have broken that again so i am sure its just a variation of it. I have experience exactly that bug but on a physical machine running Lucid and not in a VM.