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Chris Guiver (guiverc) wrote : Re: Can not upgrade from Impish anymore, Release files have gone. Upgrading all packages to latest also not working anymore. This is now a broken installation.

Thank you for reporting this bug to Ubuntu.

Ubuntu 21.10 (impish) reached end-of-life on July 14, 2022.

See this document for currently supported Ubuntu releases:

Yes Ubuntu 21.10 is EOL, it was announced


The EOL means you need to modify your sources as is documented here -

Take note of the warnings about EOL, or note it in the initial release notes of the release, so you release-upgrade before EOL is reached.

I've marked this incomplete as it's an EOL release, and appears to be a support issue, also documented procedures for EOLUpgrades appears not to have been attempted.

I suspect a Support site would be more appropriate, eg. You can also find help with your problem in the support forum of your local Ubuntu community or asking at or, or for more support options please look at