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Dimitri John Ledkov (xnox) wrote :

ubuntu-release-upgrader controls the upgrade, and calculates which things to install/remove.

For us to be able to complete transition off dkms to prebuild modules, we need to have a way to ask ubuntu-drivers how to do that.

I.e. `ubuntu-drivers list` needs to gain `--package-list` option like it has for list-oem option, such that we can sniff what we should be installing.

(Or like make release-upgrader import ubuntu-drivers python code)

but also `ubuntu-drivers list` in the --package-list should ideally generate packages to remove. Cause i think we would want to mark `nvidia-dkms-*` for removal when upgrader does removal of "obsolete software" / un-needed packages.

once that is in place, we'd want to make ubuntu-release-upgrader use all that, for upgrades to focal and later.