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Stefan Bader (smb) wrote :

In sources.list on the laptop proposed is disabled now. I think I did not manually change this. So it seems that it got disabled during upgrade. Which would make sense with my second upgrade where I disabled proposed manually before the release upgrade. The weird thing is anyway where those versions come from. Using rmadison they do not show and I thought they should.

# deb xenial-proposed universe main restricted multiverse #Not for humans during development stage of release xenial

#> rmadison shim-signed | grep xenial
shim-signed | 1.12 | xenial | source
shim-signed | 1.12+0.8-0ubuntu2 | xenial | amd64
shim-signed | 1.19~16.04.1 | xenial-updates | source
shim-signed | 1.19~16.04.1+0.8-0ubuntu2 | xenial-updates | amd64