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Alkis Georgopoulos (alkisg) wrote :

I think that's a general problem with all Ubuntu Live CDs, even with the stock ones, and it's caused by Ubiquity.

1) If I don't press anything at gfxboot (the initial isolinux language selection menu), then "maybe-ubiquity" is added in /proc/cmdline.
Then, /etc/init/ubiquity.conf launches ubiquity-dm, which is the dialog that mentions "Try Ubuntu / Install Ubuntu".
Ubiquity-dm completely messes up the keyboard layout, e.g. if I have Greek preselected, then the layouts are:
Greek, Greek (simple), Greek (extended), Greek (polytonic),
while they should be:
Greek, English.

2) If I select a language at gfxboot, then "maybe-ubiquity" isn't added at /proc/cmdline, and the "Try Ubuntu / Install Ubuntu" dialog isn't displayed. So I directly enter a session, and there the keyboard is fine, i.e. Greek / English.

Please fix ubiquity so that it selects the correct keyboard layout (or just leave the default one at /etc/default/keyboard which is fine).