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Allen Crider (acrider77) wrote : Re: [Bug 49068] Re: Java reports time zone incorrectly during CDT (US Daylight saving time)

Mike Green wrote:
>> You have to read Sun's statement you are quoting correctly. What it means:
>> You do not have to update data about the time zones, such as when DST begins
>> and ends, in your operating system. But Java detects the time zone you are in
>> the way I have described it. That's what I could see in the sources, and that's
> Ah, thanks for the clue stick Christian. It looks like this bug needs
> to be split into two, one dealing with how java determines what timezone
> the host is running in, another for how java deals with it internally.
> Even if you do find a solution to the localtime/TZ problem, the original
> bug will still be present if the internal java olson database is not
> corrected. I don't have a problem on my servers determining the correct
> timezone because the glibc timezone database is corrected for DST, my
> problem is the sun java vm distributed in dapper does not know about the
> DST changes. It is my impression that this bug is about the java olson
> database needing an update... If my impression is wrong should I file
> another bug?
It sounds like we need to divide this into two bugs. My problem has a
lot more to do with the localtime/TZ situation.