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Mike Green (mikey-badpenguins) wrote :

>You have to read Sun's statement you are quoting correctly. What it means:
>You do not have to update data about the time zones, such as when DST begins
>and ends, in your operating system. But Java detects the time zone you are in
>the way I have described it. That's what I could see in the sources, and that's

Ah, thanks for the clue stick Christian. It looks like this bug needs to be split into two, one dealing with how java determines what timezone the host is running in, another for how java deals with it internally. Even if you do find a solution to the localtime/TZ problem, the original bug will still be present if the internal java olson database is not corrected. I don't have a problem on my servers determining the correct timezone because the glibc timezone database is corrected for DST, my problem is the sun java vm distributed in dapper does not know about the DST changes. It is my impression that this bug is about the java olson database needing an update... If my impression is wrong should I file another bug?