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Vorona (erikmartre) wrote :

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Distro : Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron

Dates entered before a certain update (in may 08) are changed to the day before ; data entered recently is not affected.
Data is entered in a date field.

Going back to Java Runtime Environment 1.5.0_15 instead of 1.6.0_04 corrects the dates.

Formatting the dates into decimal numbers gives differents results for the old and recent datas. Those numbers do not accord with Calc anyway.

i.e. :
JRE 1.6 new data entered 26/05/08 is still 26/05/08 -> 39592 in Base (in Calc this nb is 24/05/08)
                 old data entered 28/05/08 is now 27/05/08 -> 39593 in Base (in Calc this nb is 25/05/08)

JRE 1.5 new data 26/05/08 (as entered) -> 39592 Base (in Calc this nb is 24/05/08)
                 old data 28/05/08 (as entered) -> 39594 Base (in Calc this nb is 26/05/08)