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ethana2 (ethana2) wrote : Re: Include Brother scanner drivers (brother2, brother)

Brother put forth the effort they thought they needed to to get their hardware working under linux based operating systems. If we're going to disregard said effort, we owe them an explanation and a clear request as to what more we need from them. It seems they're rather responsive. :)

As an end user, I rely on the binary nVidia driver already. I'm not going to switch operating systems. I'm not going to switch scanners. Users will do what they need to do, and the stated objective of the sane project is to make scanner access easy. The driver code may be butt ugly, but as long as that code doesn't put other scanner drivers that are already part of sane at risk also, I don't see how including those drivers can make anything any worse. The sooner they're pulled, the sooner the code can be brought up to project standards.

Assuming, though, that you can't ship the actual driver, please at least ship udev rules, as per Thomas' request.
Thomas : how do you find what udev rules to use with your scanner? I may be able to run xsane with user permissions if I can at least get that all figured out..