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dmoyne (daniel-moyne) wrote : Re: ov51x-jpeg-source (even latest version 1.5.8) won't build against kernel 2.6.27

ok now it does compile with 2.6.27-10-generic with no error message on my 64 bits X2 machine ; as requested here is the result of your commands :
so this bug appears to be cured ; now regarding the pilot ov51x-jpeg that matters here it includes now the jpeg compression and therefore the rastageeks package as substitute ; only what is still needed if a Hercules Classic webcam is on use in combination with Skype :
(1) addition of this in file : "/etc/modprobe.d/options" :
options ov51x-jpeg forceblock=1
(2) but furthermore getting rid of module "gspa_ov519" that gotherwise gets loaded along with module "ov51x_jpeg"
Only these 2 modifications are necesssary.

After doing this Skype works fine with a webcam Hercules Classic.

I do not know the reason of the link between module "gspa_ov519" and module "ov51x_jpeg" as the webcam needs only module "ov51x_jpeg" ; is it a bug in webcam detection ?