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Chris Carlin (crcarlin) wrote :

Alright, so where are we on the SRU? Going through the checklist,
1) Fix released in Maverick

2) Impact of bug: rightclick in many (all?) motif/lesstif applications disables the computer
--How the bug is addressed: small patch to X that other distributions accepted long ago
--Patch against stable: see above or my ppa
--Instructions for reproduction: open any (?) motif application, or install medm from my ppa, and rightclick inside of it
--Regression potential: seems small because of the short patch and aformentioned inclusion in other distributions, as well as my own testing in a heterogeneous mix of computers

3) Nominated for release, and I just subscribed ubuntu-sru

4) Upload to release-proposed... I don't know how, but again, I uploaded the patched xorg-server to my ppa so hopefully someone who does know how can grab it from there. Also, I believe the diff is attached above.

That should be it, right?