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Hein Zelle (zelle) wrote :

I something going to happen with this bug, and has it been filed for the package properly?
It's not related to the nvidia driver, but to the xorg package.

The fix is to rebuild the xorg package xorg-xserver-base with the patch as discussed on the xorg upstream bug. I obtained the patch through here: (see attachments)

rebuilt with

- aptitude source xorg-xserver-base
- prepared package according to
- applied patch manually (didn't pick it up automatically, but that's due to my lack of experience with debian source packages)
- built packages
- installed with dpkg -i

This is a critical bug for anybody using motif applications (nedit and plenty of others).
It would be nice if the patch could be reviewed and applied in an update quickly - it's preventing us from upgrading the office to 10.04 at the moment.