libnfsidmap built without hardening flags

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nfs-utils (Ubuntu)
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Andreas Hasenack
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Bug Description


Hardening build flags are an integral part of Ubuntu security[1], and were accidentally dropped from nfs-utils when the merge for version 2.6.x happened during the jammy development cycle.

Check that link[1] for "Built with BIND_NOW".

[Test Plan]

The test plan is to inspect the build logs(old logs at [2]) and verify hardening was applied. In particular:
- verify that -Wl,-z,now is being used now, and it wasn't before (linker stage)

Another way to check is to run hardening-check, from the ubuntu-dev-tools package, on each binary object from the package, and verify that "Immediate binding" changed from "no" (previous package) to "yes":

$ for n in $(dpkg -L libnfsidmap1 | grep \\.so); do hardening-check $n > $(basename $n).txt; done
$ for n in $(dpkg -L nfs-common|grep bin/); do hardening-check $n > $(basename $n).txt; done
$ for n in $(dpkg -L nfs-kernel-server|grep bin/); do hardening-check $n > $(basename $n).txt; done

$ grep Immediate *.txt
blkmapd.txt: Immediate binding: yes
exportfs.txt: Immediate binding: yes Immediate binding: yes Immediate binding: yes
mount.nfs.txt: Immediate binding: yes
mount.nfs4.txt: Immediate binding: yes
nfsconf.txt: Immediate binding: yes
nfsdcld.txt: Immediate binding: yes
nfsdcltrack.txt: Immediate binding: yes
nfsidmap.txt: Immediate binding: yes
nfsstat.txt: Immediate binding: yes Immediate binding: yes
rpc.gssd.txt: Immediate binding: yes
rpc.idmapd.txt: Immediate binding: yes
rpc.mountd.txt: Immediate binding: yes
rpc.nfsd.txt: Immediate binding: yes
rpc.statd.txt: Immediate binding: yes
rpc.svcgssd.txt: Immediate binding: yes
rpcdebug.txt: Immediate binding: yes
showmount.txt: Immediate binding: yes
sm-notify.txt: Immediate binding: yes Immediate binding: yes Immediate binding: yes
umount.nfs.txt: Immediate binding: yes
umount.nfs4.txt: Immediate binding: yes

[Where problems could occur]

This is rebuilding a package with new compiler flags, even though they were there before. Regressions for such cases are either very quickly caught, or only when a bigger user base tries the changes out. In the case of nfs, it seems worth the risk, since it's a privileged service that deals with network data.

[Other Info]
I cleared[3] this with #security, and they deemed this worth including in an existing nfs-utils SRU, which is what I'm doing for bug #1977745.


[Original Description]

$ grep hardening ../lintian.log
I: libnfsidmap-regex: hardening-no-bindnow [usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libnfsidmap/]
I: libnfsidmap1: hardening-no-bindnow [usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/]
I: libnfsidmap1: hardening-no-bindnow [usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libnfsidmap/]
I: libnfsidmap1: hardening-no-bindnow [usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libnfsidmap/]
I: libnfsidmap1: hardening-no-bindnow [usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libnfsidmap/]
I: libnfsidmap-regex: hardening-no-fortify-functions [usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libnfsidmap/]

It was there before when we had src:libnfsidmap:

But we lost it when src:nfs-utils incorporated the libnfsidmap code.

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Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :
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This bug was fixed in the package nfs-utils - 1:2.6.1-2ubuntu1

nfs-utils (1:2.6.1-2ubuntu1) kinetic; urgency=medium

  * Merge with Debian unstable (LP: #1974233). Remaining changes:
    - d/control: don't provide libnfsidmap2 in libnfsidmap1. This
      package contains not only plugins, but an actual shared library,
      with a different soname.
    - Don't install the regex module, as it's built by
      src:libnfsidmap-regex which is in Universe (MIR: #1960824)
      + d/control: don't conflict/break/etc with libnfsidmap-regex
      + d/libnfsidmap1.install: don't install
      + d/not-installed: mark files we knowingly don't include in the
      + d/p/remove-regex-from-docs.patch: remove the regex section from
        the idmapd.conf(5) manpage, as we are not building that plugin in
        this package
    - Update README file:
      + d/README.Ubuntu: new /etc/nfs.conf config structure
      + d/, d/ install README.Ubuntu
    - d/nfs-common.postrm: also purge /etc/nfs.conf.d/local.conf
    - d/nfs-common.dirs: we also own /etc/nfs.conf.d
    - New apport hook (LP #1961058):
      + d/source.apport: apport hook for nfs-utils
      + d/control: build-depend dh-apport
      + d/rules: build with apport, and install the hook in the
        nfs-common package which is installed on both client and servers
    - Add more DEP8 tests (LP #1960828):
      + d/t/{control,kerberos-mount,util}: test NFSv4 krb5p mounts
      + d/t/{control, v3-moun}t: specific NFSv3 mount test
  * Dropped:
    - d/ add short "u" option for mountd's no-udp
      [Included in 1:2.6.1-2]
    - d/NEWS: explain some of the major changes in 2.6.x
      [Obsoleted by Debian's update to the per-package NEWS files]
    - d/nfs-*.bug-script: update to also include /etc/nfs.conf and
      [Included in 1:2.6.1-2]
  * Added changes:
    - New binary package libnfsidmap-regex (LP: #1974067):
      + d/control: new package
      + d/libnfsidmap-regex.install: install the plugin file
      + d/not-installed: remove the plugin from the not-installed list
      + d/p/remove-regex-from-docs.patch: deleted
      + d/p/ubuntu-idmapd-manpage-update-regex-other-package.patch:
        note that the regex plugin is in another package
    - rpc.svcgssd fixes and improvements (LP: #1977745):
      + d/p/svcgssd-fix-use-after-free.patch: fix use-after-free which was
        preventing svcgssd options set in /etc/nfs.conf from being used
      + d/p/svcgssd-display-principal-if-set.patch: improve logging,
        showing the expected principal name if it was set in the config
      + d/p/svcgssd-document-missing-options.patch: add missing options to
        the svcgssd manpage
      + d/p/nfs-conf-manpage-missing-svcgssd-options.patch: also
        document the missing svcgssd options to the nfs.conf(5) manpage
    - d/README.Ubuntu: updated with the content of the previous d/NEWS
    - d/rules: re-add hardening option lost from the src:libnfsidmap to
      src:nfs-utils transition (LP: #1980095)

 -- Andreas Hasenack <email address hidden> Tue, 28 Jun 2022 10:59...


Changed in nfs-utils (Ubuntu):
status: In Progress → Fix Released
description: updated
description: updated
description: updated
Changed in nfs-utils (Ubuntu Jammy):
status: New → In Progress
assignee: nobody → Andreas Hasenack (ahasenack)
description: updated
description: updated
description: updated
description: updated
description: updated
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Steve Langasek (vorlon) wrote :

hardening-no-bindnow is not super critical for a library such as this; the risk of a security vulnerability as a result of symbols being overridden from the outside, for a library with constrained applications such as libnfsidmap, is not great. I would like to see a test case here that addresses the greater issue of hardening-no-fortify-functions.

Changed in nfs-utils (Ubuntu Jammy):
status: In Progress → Incomplete
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Andreas Hasenack (ahasenack) wrote :

I asked in #ubuntu-security if they would like me to include this fix in the SRU I was already preparing for nfs-utils (I wouldn't do an SRU of its own just for this bug here). They said they would like it to be included, yes:

@sbeattie, could you come up with a test case here, or some other argument, please?

Revision history for this message
Andreas Hasenack (ahasenack) wrote :

Please reject nfs-utils from jammy unapproved, I'll wontfix this bug and do a new upload with just the fix for #1977745

Changed in nfs-utils (Ubuntu Jammy):
status: Incomplete → Won't Fix
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