[FFE] Update NetworkManager to

Bug #1234887 reported by Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre
This bug affects 2 people
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network-manager (Ubuntu)
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christopher wayne hess
Fix Released

Bug Description

Let's update NetworkManager to; which is a bugfix release; minor version number change. Most specifically, multiple fixes for use-after-free and memory leaks, along with fixes for other possible crashes.

Full list of commits is below.

a450929 release: bump version to
578b7c1 release: update NEWS
4a4d58a libnm-glib: bump soname for added functions
a00701d libnm-glib: fix annotations again:, not
46345e0 libnm-glib: change the "Since: 0.9.10" annotations to "Since:"
1d6947a ifcfg-rh: fix tests
90c957c build: fix builddir != srcdir when building D-Bus API spec HTML
72e3dd7 core: fix handling of ActiveConnections on Policy dispose()
65590de libnm-util: accept old-style UUIDs as valid
a10dea3 agents: don't make method calls with a destroyed proxy
52b3810 core: fix NMPolicy/NMManager refcounting
59c165a build: don't use g_clear_pointer()
636387f trivial: nm_connectivity_check_async() returns void -> use g_return_if_fail()
226b9b1 core: fix warning about unused variable
299081e libnm-glib: Add NMClient:primary-connection and :activating-connection ****
61a81d1 core: add NMManager:primary-connection and :activating-connection ****
2489018 core: make NMPolicy a GObject
693112f libnm-glib: support new connectivity property/methods ****
d34e77c core: provide additional network connectivity information ****
a5eeeb7 core: improve NMManager:state transitions with connectivity checking ****
0d2ccfd core: add LOGD_CONCHECK, log unexpected concheck responses at LOGL_INFO
68356b5 core: build NMConnectivity unconditionally, possibly as a no-op
a040f0b core: clean up connectivity code a bit
62e59ed ifcfg-rh: do not write IPV6_DEFAULTGW=:: for missing gateway
ee58f2a policy: prevent double-deactivation of an NMActiveConnection after it's removed
49f8da5 wifi: change bgscan threshold parameter (fixes bug 1071942)
82be4aa ifcfg-rh: fix handling of VLAN parent PHYSDEV key
f595624 systemd: fix up dispatcher unit install (rh #948433)
8dc646e core: don't log warnings when devices are removed
4f1e7e9 dhcp: kill dhclient on fatal errors
94f5d09 dnsmasq: does handle more than one nameserver per domain
886ee9a keyfile: ignore Emacs interlocking link named .#<file_name> (rh #987629)
764f0e2 core: fix flushing of routes and updating legacy IPv4 address property
5628350 main: Set umask earlier
1a7e606 main: setenv(GIO_USE_VFS=local) *very* early
dc70b48 libnm-glib: fix device description with newer udev versions
b73b963 dhcp: don't crash checking lease config if no DHCP client is usable
89cb9e5 build: allow dhcpcd versions higher than 5
dad3e1c nm-online: describe '--timeout' option more exactly (rh #969363)
c068709 dispatcher: fix tests after 42577c5269fdf4e9bea442eb96fcba7f8403bda5
42577c5 dispatcher: expose domains in IP4/6 config (bgo #701820)
65edeb9 dispatcher: publish vpn_ip6_config
b0f23d2 libnm-util: fix possible crash when IP method is NULL
d4d9d36 core: set GError on failure in nm_manager_deactivate_connection() (rh #976627)
c38e901 keyfile: do not set GError over the top of a previous GError
3172ff1 dbus: fix dbus_connection_changed_cb() definition to take DBusConnection
f324bfb keyfile: fix reading bonding options (bgo #701527)
8e9e392 libnm-util: remove 'downdelay' and 'updelay' when setting 'arp_interval'
261db76 libnm-util: verify() - can't set both IPv4 'disabled' and IPv6 'ignore' method
77b24af libnm-glib: fix the object creation warning for remote connections
665f42f wifi: fix checking AP mode and EAP-FAST support
050c979 agents: don't require root agents to be part of a login session
1c4f777 core: assume root always has a session for connection visibility
9b82977 release: bump version to
8d6828a libnm-util: fix 93c1041b9b3f48b42e35401b0dd756538935e870 for handling disabled
62bb5ec release: update NEWS
55ce7fe build: fix reporting of modemmanager-1 compilation status
cca0bc9 wired: ignore carrier state for manual/static bridge and bond connections
9c57277 wifi: fix possible crash when IP configuration times out (rh #854073)
93c1041 libnm-util: recognize "disabled" as an IPv6 config method
c126d97 modem-manager: read 'SupportedCapabilities' instead of 'ModemCapabilities' (bgo #701668)
0ff869e modem-manager: don't request allowed modes when talking to ModemManager1 modems
fc57f94 systemd: update for network-online.target for systemd >= 200 (rh #787314)
27b3f03 systemd: add service for dispatcher (rh #948433)
5428f4a core: don't prematurely move to IPv6 state GOT_ADDRESS
78368c1 core: wait for all IPv6 addresses to be cleared before continuing
4e93a3c netlink: fix rtnl_route_alloc_cache() call
59db1a8 core: fix list manipulation when removing multiple slaves
6815103 build: fix detection of Qt on non-Fedora platforms (bgo #691583)
b2b2049 build: always generate docs at dist time (bgo #700093)
e0c4648 ifupdown: recalculate unmanaged specs on interface change (debian #707070)
7ebd507 ifupdown: fix naming confusion in plugin hash tables
6f9268f ifupdown: clarify name of connections hash
6229cc2 wifi: only remove AP on link timeout if not found by supplicant
af993a0 core: IsMaster property is internal
e213884 libnm-glib: fix introspection for IPv6 DNS servers
9af3633 libnm-glib: fix type annotation of NMDHCP[46]Config:options
3c1b1e8 core: ensure missing IP config settings are treated as "auto" (bgo #699755)
aeb1211 build: error at configure-time if WiMAX stack built with incompatible libnl (bgo #687630)
7c4c0ac libnm-util: correct documentation for nm_setting_update_secrets()
482f78a libnm-util: clarify WiFi security pairwise/group property descriptions
4f7d3d8 libnm-util: clarify WiFi setting MAC address blacklist description
809ab20 libnm-util: clarify 802.1x password and password-raw documentation
119a3a6 ifcfg-rh: fix tests after nm_utils_wep_key_valid() fix
9ace14c libnm-util: fix the maximal value for gsm 'allowed-bands' property
313d1ed libnm-util: fix WEP key type comparison in nm_utils_wep_key_valid()
d709903 core: ensure ActiveConnections are torn down when device is unavailable (bgo #676285)
681efd3 api: clarify expected agent behavior for GetSecrets and saving secrets
e824b70 api: clarify some parameters of GetSecrets and CancelGetSecrets
a284b5f core: set correct NMDeviceStateReason when IP config fails
e4ec691 Use %NULL macro in doc strings
eaa62b4 libnm-util: Fix transfer annotations of nm_{connection,setting}_need_secrets()
1c2c2c8 libnm-glib: Make SecretAgent introspectable
85e4d71 build: update Makefile.glib
7b165f1 build: fix session tracking for systemd in configure.ac
5bf5f25 configure: Check libsystemd-login version for suspend-resume
67e30eb core: suppress kernel's automatic creation of bond0 (rh #953466)
d8b4bef libnm-util: fix doc bug in NMSettingIP6Config
74c4373 core: fix memory leak
547d223 libnm-util: fix mis-freed VLAN priority list element
e8c335b keyfile: ensure all-default VLAN setting is read correctly
4db3bbd wifi: fix NM crash on mode == NULL
5a8be17 core: ensure new available connections generate a ProperiesChanged signal (bgo #697743)
222ee35 wifi: AP mode connections are always available
a27b902 api: update Settings documentation to explain NewConnection signal timing (bgo #697742)
8d3875d ethernet: don't crash for PPPoE connections with no wired setting
74c0cac mobile: only clear dbus manager on quit
20d2e31 todo: remove item about finished VPN IPv6 support
b89839a modem-manager: wait up to 120s for the connection result
1be8954 core: silence warning about failure to read permanent MAC address (rh #907912)
338ef89 keyfile: fix testcase comparison
5afa4c7 dns-manager: remove an incorrect and unnecessary line
bb8907c trivial: rename rand to avoid -Wshadow
8749f9c libnm-glib: fix memory leak of GSimpleAsyncResult loading object properties
173f6cf libnm-util: fix memory leaks of dhcp_hostname and dhcp_client_id
58d8724 libnm-glib: fix memory leak of GSimpleAsyncResult getting connection settings
8ff8b25 release: bump version to (development)
bf2a8a7 libnm-util: install :pin and :pin-flags as properties for NMSetting8021x
3b8efb8 mobile: clarifiy modem state change log message
292a3f9 mobile: downgrade MM launch failure warning severity to debug
77b8060 ppp: ignore errors getting final PPP stats
f710f9f dhclient: copy leasefiles from old location if needed (rh #916233) (bgo #696210)
9ce654b po: updated Polish (pl) translation (bgo #696459)
17dfb5c po: fix syntax errors in gl, hr and or translations
8d64de6 libnm-glib: fix use-after-free getting device vendor and product
69408e5 ifcfg-rh: ensure missing STP property is interpreted as "off" (rh #922702)
1d14f17 dhcp: look harder for machine-id, and generate random DUID if it doesn't exist (bgo #696109) (fixes bug 1153342)
ed4921b dhcp: we don't always have an NMSettingIP6Config for the DHCP hostname
c727ade dhcp: fix up testcase for "also request static-routes;"
7192b92 dbus: reinstall property filter on dbus connection changes (rh #918273)
c494e0a dbus: allow talking to the NetworkManager-SSH VPN plugin
8a8155b dhclient: also request 'static-routes' option from DHCP server (rh #922558)
a1eff35 device: do not call nm_system_iface_set_up() with invalid index (rh #920145)
d114fcf build: distribute autogen.sh
bf83f15 build: fix Vala bindings build and distcheck
1627347 core: fix find_vlan_parent() to return proper device (bgo #695362)
892ecb3 libnm-util: free temporary decoded base64 data when parsing OpenSSL key files
f62a83e libnm-util: free PPPoE setting private data members
4d594f1 libnm-util: free temporary string when parsing OpenSSL key files
f611bef libnm-util: free temporary GByteArray when using NM_SETTING_802_1X_CK_SCHEME_PATH
7dbc6f1 libnm-util: fix leak of s390 subchannels
a6d196c core: fix leak of StateReason struct
948c205 core: fix use-after-free
62cf443 misc: add toplevel .dir-locals file that tells Emacs to show trailing whitespace
78ac6d0 ifcfg-rh: save bridge STP disabled setting (bgo #694841)
52466b2 cli: fix a crash in 'nmcli d l' when no connections available for a device (fixes bug 1155139)
3f3b99a trivial: plug some memory leaks

Tags: kubuntu
Revision history for this message
Jonathan Riddell (jr) wrote :

+1 from me (release team), bugfix only release and important for various issues with plasma-nm

Revision history for this message
Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre (cyphermox) wrote :

Adding annotations for commits fixing bugs not marked upstream.

description: updated
description: updated
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Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :

Status changed to 'Confirmed' because the bug affects multiple users.

Changed in network-manager (Ubuntu):
status: New → Confirmed
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Iain Lane (laney) wrote :

Is it true that this bumps the soname of libnm-glib?

If so:

* balsa
* cinnamon
* geoclue
* geoclue-localnet
* geoclue-plazes
* geoclue-skyhook
* geoclue-ubuntu-geoip
* gir1.2-networkmanager-1.0
* gnome-control-center
* gnome-shell
* indicator-network [amd64 armhf i386]
* krb5-auth-dialog
* libnm-glib-dev
* libnm-gtk0
* libsocialweb0
* network-manager
* network-manager-dbg
* network-manager-gnome
* remote-login-service
* telepathy-mission-control-5
* ubuntu-system-settings [amd64 armhf i386]
* unity-scope-click [amd64 armhf i386]
* unity8-private [amd64 armhf i386]

Please check these at least build, and preferably that they work.

Changed in network-manager (Ubuntu):
importance: Undecided → Wishlist
description: updated
summary: - Update NetworkManager to
+ [FFE] Update NetworkManager to
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Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre (cyphermox) wrote :

This update does change the version info but not the soname of the libnm-glib library.

Note; I've noticed (and annotated with "****", see along the top of the commit list) that there is a minimal new feature in the form of new options for connectivity checking. This however is a feature we do not enable by default and needs some (non-obvious, editing a config file) work to enable on a system; so I would say the risk is minimal.

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Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre (cyphermox) wrote :

Tested myself on desktop:
- Automatic wired
- Connecting to wifi; WPA2 and WPA-Enterprise
- Mobile data with ModemManager
- VPNs: OpenVPN, PPTP (was tested over mobile data)
- enabling disabling wifi, wired.

Tested myself on a Nexus 4:
- Wifi (WPA2)
- Mobile data with oFono
- Enable/disable wifi, mobile data

Riddell did some testing as well for wifi and confirmed the issues with plasma-nm were fixed.

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Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre (cyphermox) wrote :

Tested build of balsa, cinnamon, geoclue, gnome-shell, remote-login-service. Also ran the newly-built gnome-shell, no issues found.

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Steve Langasek (vorlon) wrote :

I think this would've been ok had it been uploaded on the 3rd, but we're very close now to RC and while this is a bugfix release, it's not a targeted bugfix. I think the risk of regression is higher than we can reasonably accomodate this close to release, and that this should be punted to SRU or to 14.04.

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Iain Lane (laney) wrote :

I agree; let me target to s-updates and subscribe the SRU team. Chase them up and see if you can get agreement to put it in that way.

Changed in network-manager (Ubuntu):
milestone: none → saucy-updates
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Stéphane Graber (stgraber) wrote :

Unsubscribing ~ubuntu-release since this change has been rejected for release (it's now in the hands of the SRU team).

Jonathan Riddell (jr)
Changed in network-manager (Ubuntu Trusty):
status: Confirmed → Fix Released
Changed in network-manager (Ubuntu Saucy):
milestone: none → saucy-updates
Changed in network-manager (Ubuntu Trusty):
milestone: saucy-updates → none
tags: added: kubuntu
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Jonathan Riddell (jr) wrote :

Uploaded to saucy for SRU as requested by plasma-nm updates at KDE

Install new version of, ensure networking continues to function

Revision history for this message
Jonathan Riddell (jr) wrote :

rejected by slangasek, too much diff for a SRU

Changed in network-manager (Ubuntu Saucy):
status: New → Invalid
Changed in network-manager (Ubuntu):
assignee: nobody → christopher wayne hess (hess8519)
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