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Jamie Strandboge (jdstrand) wrote : raid1 won't boot in degraded mode

Binary package hint: mdadm

In testing raid1 according to, the system installed fine and both disks show up in /proc/mdstat. I installed using my procedure found in I anwered 'yes' to booting in degraded mode. I noticed during install the grub-install did reference both /dev/vda and /dev/vdb

However, if I remove the first disk (vda), the system drops to the initramfs telling me the disk could not be found. If I remove the second disk (after adding the first disk back), I'm told about the 'bootdegraded=true' option.

This ends up being a major usability issue as well, because there is no grub boot menu since this was the only operating system installed. I looked in /etc/default/grub and only saw:

I believe this needs bootdegraded=true to work. I'll try to debug later, but it clearly doesn't work.