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Jean-Baptiste Lallement (jibel) wrote :

We tried the workaround to add the packages as dependencies of Ubiquity and rebuilding an ISO with the new Ubiquity and the dependencies pulled automatically. Unfortunately, the result is not what is expected.

The packages are installed in the live session and the target file system.
AD is configured by Ubiquity as expected during installation.
The packages are marked to be kept after installation.

But at the end of the installation, the packages are removed then reinstalled by the installer. As a consequence the configuration done during installation is reset.

We tried to modify script/ and scripts/ to force keep the packages by they are still considered garbage by apt and removed.

Finally we added a list of packages to keep so they are not considered to "autopurge" by Ubiquity, the packages are kept as expected by not their dependencies even if they are strong one. The resulting installation is completely inconsistent. Using this approach would mean to manually calculate the list of dependencies of the packages to keep and mark them as keep. This is clearly not something maintainable.