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Description of problem:
When I soft-reboot my fedora host the mac addresses change. This machine is:
Jetway J7F2 Fanless 1.2GHz Eden C7 Mini-ITX Motherboard &
Jetway 3xGigaLAN Daughterboard Module

When cold booted, host mac addresses:
eth0 00:30:18:AC:C8:D5
eth1 00:30:18:AC:C8:D6
eth2 00:30:18:AC:C8:D7
eth3 00:30:18:A6:11:E0
(the labels are as discovered on first install)

When soft-rebooted, mac addresses are:

OS history - started life as an FC10 last april, has since been upgraded to FC11, then FC12.
First noticed with kernel- (2010-03-10), but also exhibited it with kernel- once noticed.

I first thought it was bug 557771, but I now think the NICs are not resetting/initialised/queried properly following a soft reboot.

udev (145-15) went a bit mad and adds pertitent rules to 70-persistent-net.rules which match the mac addresses seen, but using these the driver seems ineffective, it can't see link state changes and tcpdump can't see a thing.

lspci, dmesg, udevinfo attached (cold and soft booted)

Version-Release number of selected component (if applicable):
Pertinent package history:
Jan 15 19:45:53 Updated: kernel-firmware-
Jan 15 19:47:48 Installed: kernel-
Jan 15 19:47:57 Installed: kernel-
Feb 26 22:04:41 Erased: libudev0
Feb 26 22:48:05 Updated: kernel-firmware-
Feb 26 22:50:10 Installed: libudev0-141-8.fc11.i586
Feb 26 22:54:58 Installed: udev-extras-20090226-0.5.20090302git.fc11.i586
Feb 26 22:55:37 Updated: udev-141-8.fc11.i586
Feb 26 23:00:05 Installed: kernel-
Feb 26 23:13:08 Installed: kernel-
Mar 03 20:24:47 Updated: kernel-firmware-
Mar 03 20:26:10 Installed: libudev-145-15.fc12.i686
Mar 03 20:30:02 Installed: libgudev1-145-15.fc12.i686
Mar 03 20:33:39 Installed: udev-145-15.fc12.i686
Mar 03 20:46:43 Erased: libudev0
Mar 03 20:48:01 Erased: udev-extras
Mar 03 20:59:36 Installed: kernel-
Mar 06 09:08:15 Updated: kernel-firmware-
Mar 06 09:12:28 Installed: kernel-
Mar 10 19:37:10 Updated: kernel-firmware-
Mar 10 19:39:36 Installed: kernel-

How reproducible:
On demand.

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Reboot host - fails to recognise or initialise network devices.

Actual results:
NICs are discovered, but renumbered and not working.

Expected results:
No change.

Additional info: