Kernel oops due to uninitialized list on kernfs (kernfs_kill_sb)

Bug #1934175 reported by Guilherme G. Piccoli
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linux (Ubuntu)
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Krzysztof Kozlowski

Bug Description

* We had a recent report of a kernel crash due to a NULL pointer dereference in a Bionic 4.15 derivative kernel, as per the following log collected:

[537105.767348] SLUB: Unable to allocate memory on node -1, gfp=0x14000c0(GFP_KERNEL)
[537105.767368] BUG: unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at 0000000000000008
[537105.777711] IP: kernfs_kill_sb+0x31/0x70
[537105.783582] PGD 0 P4D 0
[537105.787844] Oops: 0002 [#1] SMP PTI
RIP: 0010:kernfs_kill_sb+0x31/0x70
RSP: 0018:ffffb90aec1afd00 EFLAGS: 00010286
RAX: 0000000000000000 RBX: ffff9fdbd567d900 RCX: ffffa0143885ae01
RDX: 0000000000000000 RSI: ffffa0143885ae00 RDI: ffffffffa2937c40
RBP: ffffb90aec1afd10 R08: ffffa0150b581510 R09: 000000018100004d
R10: ffffb90aec1afcd8 R11: 0000000000000100 R12: ffffa01436e43000
R13: ffffa01436e43000 R14: 0000000000000000 R15: ffff9fdbd567d900
FS: 00007fe41a615b80(0000) GS:ffffa01afea40000(0000) knlGS:0000000000000000
CS: 0010 DS: 0000 ES: 0000 CR0: 0000000080050033
CR2: 0000000000000008 CR3: 0000007dfe3cc003 CR4: 00000000003606e0
DR0: 0000000000000000 DR1: 0000000000000000 DR2: 0000000000000000
DR3: 0000000000000000 DR6: 00000000fffe0ff0 DR7: 0000000000000400
Call Trace:
 ? alloc_vfsmnt+0x1b3/0x230

* The following detailed call stack plus the disassembly help to understand the cause of the issue:

----kernfs_mount_ns() <inlined kernfs_fill_super() fails, very likely due to being unable to allocate memory>
------deactivate_locked_super() <given the callback .kill_sb = sysfs_kill_sb, next function is called>
----------kernfs_kill_sb() <OOPS due to the unitialized list>

The below disassembly of kernfs_kill_sb() clarifies exactly the issue:

ffffffff812f46e0 <kernfs_kill_sb>:
[ ... prologue ...]
48 8b 9f 08 04 00 00 mov 0x408(%rdi),%rbx # %rbx = kernfs_super_info *info = sb->s_fs_info
49 89 fc mov %rdi,%r12 # %r12 = super_block *sb
48 c7 c7 40 7c 53 82 mov $0xffffffff82537c40,%rdi # %rdi = &kernfs_mutex (global)
ffffffff812f46f9: R_X86_64_32S kernfs_mutex
e8 ee da 67 00 callq ffffffff819721f0 <mutex_lock> # mutex_lock(&kernfs_mutex);
48 8b 53 18 mov 0x18(%rbx),%rdx # %rdx = info->node
48 8b 43 20 mov 0x20(%rbx),%rax # based on splat, RAX == 0x0 [info->head.prev]
48 89 42 08 mov %rax,0x8(%rdx) # <- OOPS [tried to assign next->prev = prev, see __list_del()]
48 89 10 mov %rdx,(%rax)
48 b8 00 01 00 00 00 movabs $0xdead000000000100,%rax # node->next = LIST_POISON1

* The fix for this issue comes from upstream commit 82382acec0c9 ("kernfs: deal with kernfs_fill_super() failures"); this commit is a very trivial fix that adds an INIT_LIST_HEAD(&info->node) in kernfs_mount_ns(), making the list prev/next pointers valid since the beginning. Unfortunately this commit wasn't CCed to stable email when sent, so it wasn't automatically picked up by Ubuntu kernel; now it was properly submitted to stable list [0].

* Along with this fix, we found another commit (7b745a4e4051) which is a small/simple fix to correlated code, that also should have been sent to 4.14.y stable branch, but for some reason wasn't. Since both commits were accepted in linux-stable, we are hereby proposing the backport for Ubuntu kernel 4.15.

[0] https://<email address hidden>/

[Test Case]
* We don't have a real test case, although low-memory condition or an artificial kprobe reproducer could easily trigger the issue.

* We booted a qemu virtual machine with a kernel containing both patches with no issues.

[Where problems could occur]
* The likelihood of issues are low, specially due to the fact both patches are very simple and they are on upstream kernel for more than 3 years (and were quickly accepted in 4.14.y stable branch last week).

* With that sad, the second patch could potentially introduce issues with super_block references - I honestly cannot conceive any issues potentially caused by patch 1.

CVE References

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assignee: nobody → Guilherme G. Piccoli (gpiccoli)
description: updated
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Ubuntu Kernel Bot (ubuntu-kernel-bot) wrote :

This bug is awaiting verification that the kernel in -proposed solves the problem. Please test the kernel and update this bug with the results. If the problem is solved, change the tag 'verification-needed-bionic' to 'verification-done-bionic'. If the problem still exists, change the tag 'verification-needed-bionic' to 'verification-failed-bionic'.

If verification is not done by 5 working days from today, this fix will be dropped from the source code, and this bug will be closed.

See for documentation how to enable and use -proposed. Thank you!

tags: added: verification-needed-bionic
Changed in linux (Ubuntu):
assignee: Guilherme G. Piccoli (gpiccoli) → nobody
Changed in linux (Ubuntu Bionic):
assignee: Guilherme G. Piccoli (gpiccoli) → nobody
assignee: nobody → Krzysztof Kozlowski (krzk)
tags: added: bionic verification-done-bionic
removed: verification-needed-bionic
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Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :
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This bug was fixed in the package linux - 4.15.0-154.161

linux (4.15.0-154.161) bionic; urgency=medium

  * bionic/linux: 4.15.0-154.161 -proposed tracker (LP: #1938411)

  * Potential reverts of 4.19.y stable changes in 18.04 (LP: #1938537)
    - SAUCE: Revert "locking/mutex: clear MUTEX_FLAGS if wait_list is empty due to
    - SAUCE: Revert "drm/amd/amdgpu: fix refcount leak"

  * Packaging resync (LP: #1786013)
    - [Packaging] resync getabis
    - [Packaging] update helper scripts
    - update dkms package versions

  * btrfs: Automatic balance returns -EUCLEAN and leads to forced readonly
    filesystem (LP: #1934709) // CVE-2019-19036
    - btrfs: Validate child tree block's level and first key
    - btrfs: Detect unbalanced tree with empty leaf before crashing btree

  * btrfs: Automatic balance returns -EUCLEAN and leads to forced readonly
    filesystem (LP: #1934709)
    - Revert "btrfs: Detect unbalanced tree with empty leaf before crashing btree
    - Revert "btrfs: Validate child tree block's level and first key"
    - btrfs: Only check first key for committed tree blocks
    - btrfs: Fix wrong first_key parameter in replace_path

  * Enable and in kselftests/net on Bionic
    (LP: #1934759)
    - selftests: Add to TEST_PROGS
    - selftests: net: use TEST_PROGS_EXTENDED
    - selftests/net: enable msg_zerocopy test
    - SAUCE: selftests: Make executable

  * Kernel oops due to uninitialized list on kernfs (kernfs_kill_sb)
    (LP: #1934175)
    - kernfs: deal with kernfs_fill_super() failures
    - unfuck sysfs_mount()

  * large_dir in ext4 broken (LP: #1933074)
    - SAUCE: ext4: fix directory index node split corruption

  * btrfs: Attempting to balance a nearly full filesystem with relocated root
    nodes fails (LP: #1933172) // CVE-2019-19036
    - btrfs: reloc: fix reloc root leak and NULL pointer dereference

  * btrfs: Attempting to balance a nearly full filesystem with relocated root
    nodes fails (LP: #1933172)
    - Revert "btrfs: reloc: fix reloc root leak and NULL pointer dereference"

  * Pixel format change broken for Elgato Cam Link 4K (LP: #1932367)
    - (upstream) media: uvcvideo: Fix pixel format change for Elgato Cam Link 4K

  * Bionic update: upstream stable patchset 2021-06-23 (LP: #1933375)
    - net: usb: cdc_ncm: don't spew notifications
    - efi: Allow EFI_MEMORY_XP and EFI_MEMORY_RO both to be cleared
    - efi: cper: fix snprintf() use in cper_dimm_err_location()
    - vfio/pci: Fix error return code in vfio_ecap_init()
    - vfio/pci: zap_vma_ptes() needs MMU
    - vfio/platform: fix module_put call in error flow
    - ipvs: ignore IP_VS_SVC_F_HASHED flag when adding service
    - HID: pidff: fix error return code in hid_pidff_init()
    - HID: i2c-hid: fix format string mismatch
    - netfilter: nfnetlink_cthelper: hit EBUSY on updates if size mismatches
    - ieee802154: fix error return code in ieee802154_add_iface()
    - ieee802154: fix error return code in ieee802154_llsec_getparams()
    - Bluetooth: fix the erroneous flush_work() order
    - Blu...


Changed in linux (Ubuntu Bionic):
status: Fix Committed → Fix Released
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