Hirsute update: v5.10.13 upstream stable release

Bug #1914750 reported by Paolo Pisati
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linux (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

    SRU Justification

       The upstream process for stable tree updates is quite similar
       in scope to the Ubuntu SRU process, e.g., each patch has to
       demonstrably fix a bug, and each patch is vetted by upstream
       by originating either directly from a mainline/stable Linux tree or
       a minimally backported form of that patch. The following upstream
       stable patches should be included in the Ubuntu kernel:

       v5.10.13 upstream stable release
       from git://git.kernel.org/

Linux 5.10.13
vsock: fix the race conditions in multi-transport support
tcp: fix TLP timer not set when CA_STATE changes from DISORDER to OPEN
tcp: make TCP_USER_TIMEOUT accurate for zero window probes
team: protect features update by RCU to avoid deadlock
scsi: qla2xxx: Fix description for parameter ql2xenforce_iocb_limit
ASoC: topology: Fix memory corruption in soc_tplg_denum_create_values()
ASoC: topology: Properly unregister DAI on removal
ASoC: mediatek: mt8183-mt6358: ignore TDM DAI link by default
ASoC: mediatek: mt8183-da7219: ignore TDM DAI link by default
NFC: fix possible resource leak
NFC: fix resource leak when target index is invalid
rxrpc: Fix memory leak in rxrpc_lookup_local
selftests: forwarding: Specify interface when invoking mausezahn
nvme-multipath: Early exit if no path is available
iommu/vt-d: Correctly check addr alignment in qi_flush_dev_iotlb_pasid()
iommu/amd: Use IVHD EFR for early initialization of IOMMU features
of/device: Update dma_range_map only when dev has valid dma-ranges
ACPI/IORT: Do not blindly trust DMA masks from firmware
can: dev: prevent potential information leak in can_fill_info()
net/mlx5: CT: Fix incorrect removal of tuple_nat_node from nat rhashtable
net/mlx5e: Revert parameters on errors when changing MTU and LRO state without reset
net/mlx5e: Revert parameters on errors when changing trust state without reset
net/mlx5e: Correctly handle changing the number of queues when the interface is down
net/mlx5e: Fix CT rule + encap slow path offload and deletion
net/mlx5e: Disable hw-tc-offload when MLX5_CLS_ACT config is disabled
net/mlx5: Maintain separate page trees for ECPF and PF functions
net/mlx5e: Reduce tc unsupported key print level
net/mlx5e: free page before return
net/mlx5e: E-switch, Fix rate calculation for overflow
net/mlx5: Fix memory leak on flow table creation error flow
igc: fix link speed advertising
i40e: acquire VSI pointer only after VF is initialized
ice: Fix MSI-X vector fallback logic
ice: Don't allow more channels than LAN MSI-X available
ice: update dev_addr in ice_set_mac_address even if HW filter exists
ice: Implement flow for IPv6 next header (extension header)
ice: fix FDir IPv6 flexbyte
mac80211: pause TX while changing interface type
iwlwifi: pcie: reschedule in long-running memory reads
iwlwifi: pcie: use jiffies for memory read spin time limit
iwlwifi: pcie: set LTR on more devices
iwlwifi: pnvm: don't try to load after failures
iwlwifi: pnvm: don't skip everything when not reloading
iwlwifi: pcie: avoid potential PNVM leaks
ASoC: qcom: lpass: Fix out-of-bounds DAI ID lookup
ASoC: SOF: Intel: soundwire: fix select/depend unmet dependencies
pNFS/NFSv4: Update the layout barrier when we schedule a layoutreturn
pNFS/NFSv4: Fix a layout segment leak in pnfs_layout_process()
powerpc/64s: prevent recursive replay_soft_interrupts causing superfluous interrupt
ASoC: Intel: Skylake: skl-topology: Fix OOPs ib skl_tplg_complete
spi: altera: Fix memory leak on error path
ASoC: qcom: lpass-ipq806x: fix bitwidth regmap field
ASoC: qcom: Fix broken support to MI2S TERTIARY and QUATERNARY
ASoC: qcom: Fix incorrect volatile registers
ASoC: dt-bindings: lpass: Fix and common up lpass dai ids
RDMA/cxgb4: Fix the reported max_recv_sge value
firmware: imx: select SOC_BUS to fix firmware build
arm64: dts: imx8mp: Correct the gpio ranges of gpio3
ARM: dts: imx6qdl-sr-som: fix some cubox-i platforms
ARM: dts: imx6qdl-kontron-samx6i: fix i2c_lcd/cam default status
ARM: imx: fix imx8m dependencies
arm64: dts: ls1028a: fix the offset of the reset register
xfrm: Fix wraparound in xfrm_policy_addr_delta()
selftests: xfrm: fix test return value override issue in xfrm_policy.sh
xfrm: fix disable_xfrm sysctl when used on xfrm interfaces
xfrm: Fix oops in xfrm_replay_advance_bmp
Revert "block: simplify set_init_blocksize" to regain lost performance
Revert "RDMA/mlx5: Fix devlink deadlock on net namespace deletion"
netfilter: nft_dynset: add timeout extension to template
ARM: zImage: atags_to_fdt: Fix node names on added root nodes
ARM: imx: build suspend-imx6.S with arm instruction set
clk: qcom: gcc-sm250: Use floor ops for sdcc clks
clk: mmp2: fix build without CONFIG_PM
clk: imx: fix Kconfig warning for i.MX SCU clk
blk-mq: test QUEUE_FLAG_HCTX_ACTIVE for sbitmap_shared in hctx_may_queue
xen-blkfront: allow discard-* nodes to be optional
tee: optee: replace might_sleep with cond_resched
KVM: Documentation: Fix spec for KVM_CAP_ENABLE_CAP_VM
uapi: fix big endian definition of ipv6_rpl_sr_hdr
drm/i915/selftest: Fix potential memory leak
drm/i915: Check for all subplatform bits
drm/nouveau/dispnv50: Restore pushing of all data.
drm/vc4: Correct POS1_SCL for hvs5
drm/vc4: Correct lbm size and calculation
drm/nouveau/svm: fail NOUVEAU_SVM_INIT ioctl on unsupported devices
ARM: dts: imx6qdl-kontron-samx6i: fix pwms for lcd-backlight
net/mlx5e: Fix IPSEC stats
drm/i915/pmu: Don't grab wakeref when enabling events
drm/i915/gt: Clear CACHE_MODE prior to clearing residuals
iwlwifi: Fix IWL_SUBDEVICE_NO_160 macro to use the correct bit.
mt7601u: fix rx buffer refcounting
mt76: mt7663s: fix rx buffer refcounting
mt7601u: fix kernel crash unplugging the device
arm64: dts: broadcom: Fix USB DMA address translation for Stingray
leds: trigger: fix potential deadlock with libata
xen: Fix XenStore initialisation for XS_LOCAL
io_uring: fix wqe->lock/completion_lock deadlock
KVM: Forbid the use of tagged userspace addresses for memslots
KVM: x86: get smi pending status correctly
KVM: nVMX: Sync unsync'd vmcs02 state to vmcs12 on migration
KVM: x86: allow KVM_REQ_GET_NESTED_STATE_PAGES outside guest mode for VMX
KVM: nSVM: cancel KVM_REQ_GET_NESTED_STATE_PAGES on nested vmexit
KVM: arm64: Filter out v8.1+ events on v8.0 HW
KVM: x86/pmu: Fix UBSAN shift-out-of-bounds warning in intel_pmu_refresh()
KVM: x86/pmu: Fix HW_REF_CPU_CYCLES event pseudo-encoding in intel_arch_events[]
btrfs: fix possible free space tree corruption with online conversion
btrfs: fix lockdep warning due to seqcount_mutex on 32bit arch
drivers: soc: atmel: add null entry at the end of at91_soc_allowed_list[]
drivers: soc: atmel: Avoid calling at91_soc_init on non AT91 SoCs
crypto: marvel/cesa - Fix tdma descriptor on 64-bit
efi/apple-properties: Reinstate support for boolean properties
x86/entry: Emit a symbol for register restoring thunk
PM: hibernate: flush swap writer after marking
s390/vfio-ap: No need to disable IRQ after queue reset
s390: uv: Fix sysfs max number of VCPUs reporting
net: usb: qmi_wwan: added support for Thales Cinterion PLSx3 modem family
bcache: only check feature sets when sb->version >= BCACHE_SB_VERSION_CDEV_WITH_FEATURES
drivers/nouveau/kms/nv50-: Reject format modifiers for cursor planes
drm/i915/gt: Always try to reserve GGTT address 0x0
drm/i915: Always flush the active worker before returning from the wait
drm/nouveau/kms/gk104-gp1xx: Fix > 64x64 cursors
Revert "drm/amdgpu/swsmu: drop set_fan_speed_percent (v2)"
ASoC: AMD Renoir - refine DMI entries for some Lenovo products
x86/xen: avoid warning in Xen pv guest with CONFIG_AMD_MEM_ENCRYPT enabled
wext: fix NULL-ptr-dereference with cfg80211's lack of commit()
ARM: dts: imx6qdl-gw52xx: fix duplicate regulator naming
ARM: dts: ux500: Reserve memory carveouts
ARM: dts: tbs2910: rename MMC node aliases
media: rc: ensure that uevent can be read directly after rc device register
media: rc: ite-cir: fix min_timeout calculation
media: rc: fix timeout handling after switch to microsecond durations
media: hantro: Fix reset_raw_fmt initialization
media: cedrus: Fix H264 decoding
media: cec: add stm32 driver
parisc: Enable -mlong-calls gcc option by default when !CONFIG_MODULES
ALSA: hda/via: Apply the workaround generically for Clevo machines
ALSA: hda/realtek: Enable headset of ASUS B1400CEPE with ALC256
kernel: kexec: remove the lock operation of system_transition_mutex
ACPI: thermal: Do not call acpi_thermal_check() directly
ACPI: sysfs: Prefer "compatible" modalias
tty: avoid using vfs_iocb_iter_write() for redirected console writes
nbd: freeze the queue while we're adding connections
iwlwifi: provide gso_type to GSO packets

Paolo Pisati (p-pisati)
Changed in linux (Ubuntu):
status: New → Confirmed
tags: added: kernel-stable-tracking-bug
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