Eoan update: 5.3.7 upstream stable release

Bug #1848750 reported by Connor Kuehl
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linux (Ubuntu)
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Fix Released
Connor Kuehl

Bug Description

SRU Justification

       The upstream process for stable tree updates is quite similar
       in scope to the Ubuntu SRU process, e.g., each patch has to
       demonstrably fix a bug, and each patch is vetted by upstream
       by originating either directly from a mainline/stable Linux tree or
       a minimally backported form of that patch. The following upstream
       stable patches should be included in the Ubuntu kernel:

* panic: ensure preemption is disabled during panic()
* UBUNTU: [Config] updateconfigs for USB_RIO500
* USB: rio500: Remove Rio 500 kernel driver
* USB: yurex: Don't retry on unexpected errors
* USB: yurex: fix NULL-derefs on disconnect
* USB: usb-skeleton: fix runtime PM after driver unbind
* USB: usb-skeleton: fix NULL-deref on disconnect
* xhci: Fix false warning message about wrong bounce buffer write length
* xhci: Prevent device initiated U1/U2 link pm if exit latency is too long
* xhci: Check all endpoints for LPM timeout
* xhci: Fix USB 3.1 capability detection on early xHCI 1.1 spec based hosts
* usb: xhci: wait for CNR controller not ready bit in xhci resume
* xhci: Prevent deadlock when xhci adapter breaks during init
* xhci: Increase STS_SAVE timeout in xhci_suspend()
* xhci: Fix NULL pointer dereference in xhci_clear_tt_buffer_complete()
* USB: adutux: fix use-after-free on disconnect
* USB: adutux: fix NULL-derefs on disconnect
* USB: adutux: fix use-after-free on release
* USB: iowarrior: fix use-after-free on disconnect
* USB: iowarrior: fix use-after-free on release
* USB: iowarrior: fix use-after-free after driver unbind
* USB: usblp: fix runtime PM after driver unbind
* USB: chaoskey: fix use-after-free on release
* USB: ldusb: fix NULL-derefs on driver unbind
* serial: uartlite: fix exit path null pointer
* serial: uartps: Fix uartps_major handling
* USB: serial: keyspan: fix NULL-derefs on open() and write()
* USB: serial: ftdi_sio: add device IDs for Sienna and Echelon PL-20
* USB: serial: option: add Telit FN980 compositions
* USB: serial: option: add support for Cinterion CLS8 devices
* USB: serial: fix runtime PM after driver unbind
* USB: usblcd: fix I/O after disconnect
* USB: microtek: fix info-leak at probe
* USB: dummy-hcd: fix power budget for SuperSpeed mode
* usb: renesas_usbhs: gadget: Do not discard queues in usb_ep_set_{halt,wedge}()
* usb: renesas_usbhs: gadget: Fix usb_ep_set_{halt,wedge}() behavior
* usb: typec: tcpm: usb: typec: tcpm: Fix a signedness bug in tcpm_fw_get_caps()
* usb: typec: ucsi: ccg: Remove run_isr flag
* usb: typec: ucsi: displayport: Fix for the mode entering routine
* USB: legousbtower: fix slab info leak at probe
* USB: legousbtower: fix deadlock on disconnect
* USB: legousbtower: fix potential NULL-deref on disconnect
* USB: legousbtower: fix open after failed reset request
* USB: legousbtower: fix use-after-free on release
* mei: me: add comet point (lake) LP device ids
* mei: avoid FW version request on Ibex Peak and earlier
* gpio: eic: sprd: Fix the incorrect EIC offset when toggling
* staging/fbtft: Depend on OF
* staging: bcm2835-audio: Fix draining behavior regression
* Staging: fbtft: fix memory leak in fbtft_framebuffer_alloc
* staging: rtl8188eu: fix HighestRate check in odm_ARFBRefresh_8188E()
* staging: vt6655: Fix memory leak in vt6655_probe
* iio: adc: hx711: fix bug in sampling of data
* iio: adc: ad799x: fix probe error handling
* iio: adc: axp288: Override TS pin bias current for some models
* iio: adc: stm32-adc: move registers definitions
* iio: adc: stm32-adc: fix a race when using several adcs with dma and irq
* iio: light: opt3001: fix mutex unlock race
* iio: light: add missing vcnl4040 of_compatible
* iio: accel: adxl372: Fix/remove limitation for FIFO samples
* iio: accel: adxl372: Fix push to buffers lost samples
* iio: accel: adxl372: Perform a reset at start up
* efivar/ssdt: Don't iterate over EFI vars if no SSDT override was specified
* perf llvm: Don't access out-of-scope array
* perf inject jit: Fix JIT_CODE_MOVE filename
* drm/i915: Perform GGTT restore much earlier during resume
* selinux: fix context string corruption in convert_context()
* CIFS: Gracefully handle QueryInfo errors during open
* CIFS: Force revalidate inode when dentry is stale
* CIFS: Force reval dentry if LOOKUP_REVAL flag is set
* cifs: use cifsInodeInfo->open_file_lock while iterating to avoid a panic
* kernel/sysctl.c: do not override max_threads provided by userspace
* mm/z3fold.c: claim page in the beginning of free
* mm/page_alloc.c: fix a crash in free_pages_prepare()
* mm/vmpressure.c: fix a signedness bug in vmpressure_register_event()
* IB/core: Fix wrong iterating on ports
* firmware: google: increment VPD key_len properly
* gpio: fix getting nonexclusive gpiods from DT
* gpiolib: don't clear FLAG_IS_OUT when emulating open-drain/open-source
* btrfs: relocation: fix use-after-free on dead relocation roots
* btrfs: allocate new inode in NOFS context
* btrfs: fix balance convert to single on 32-bit host CPUs
* Btrfs: fix memory leak due to concurrent append writes with fiemap
* btrfs: fix incorrect updating of log root tree
* btrfs: fix uninitialized ret in ref-verify
* NFS: Fix O_DIRECT accounting of number of bytes read/written
* MIPS: Disable Loongson MMI instructions for kernel build
* MIPS: elf_hwcap: Export userspace ASEs
* RDMA/vmw_pvrdma: Free SRQ only once
* ACPI/PPTT: Add support for ACPI 6.3 thread flag
* arm64: topology: Use PPTT to determine if PE is a thread
* iio: light: fix vcnl4000 devicetree hooks
* Fix the locking in dcache_readdir() and friends
* drm/i915: Bump skl+ max plane width to 5k for linear/x-tiled
* drm/i915: Whitelist COMMON_SLICE_CHICKEN2
* drm/i915: Mark contents as dirty on a write fault
* drm/msm: Use the correct dma_sync calls harder
* media: stkwebcam: fix runtime PM after driver unbind
* arm64/sve: Fix wrong free for task->thread.sve_state
* tracing/hwlat: Report total time spent in all NMIs during the sample
* tracing/hwlat: Don't ignore outer-loop duration when calculating max_latency
* ftrace: Get a reference counter for the trace_array on filter files
* tracing: Get trace_array reference for available_tracers files
* hwmon: Fix HWMON_P_MIN_ALARM mask
* mtd: rawnand: au1550nd: Fix au_read_buf16() prototype
* x86/asm: Fix MWAITX C-state hint value
* io_uring: only flush workqueues on fileset removal
* efi/tpm: Fix sanity check of unsigned tbl_size being less than zero
* Linux 5.3.7
* UBUNTU: [Packaging] remove rtc-bd70528 from modules
* UBUNTU: [Packaging] Remove now un-used modules for amd64

       5.3.7 upstream stable release
       from git://git.kernel.org/

Connor Kuehl (connork)
Changed in linux (Ubuntu):
status: New → Confirmed
tags: added: kernel-stable-tracking-bug
Changed in linux (Ubuntu):
status: Confirmed → Invalid
Changed in linux (Ubuntu Eoan):
status: New → In Progress
importance: Undecided → Medium
assignee: nobody → Connor Kuehl (connork)
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Connor Kuehl (connork) wrote :

The following patches were skipped since they've already been applied as cherry picks:

* efi/tpm: Don't access event->count when it isn't mapped
* efi/tpm: Don't traverse an event log with no events
* efi/tpm: Only set 'efi_tpm_final_log_size' after successful event log parsing
* blk-wbt: fix performance regression in wbt scale_up/scale_down

Connor Kuehl (connork)
description: updated
Changed in linux (Ubuntu Eoan):
status: In Progress → Fix Committed
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Ubuntu SRU Bot (ubuntu-sru-bot) wrote : Autopkgtest regression report (linux-gcp-5.3/5.3.0-1008.9~18.04.1)

All autopkgtests for the newly accepted linux-gcp-5.3 (5.3.0-1008.9~18.04.1) for bionic have finished running.
The following regressions have been reported in tests triggered by the package:

linux-gcp-5.3/unknown (amd64)

Please visit the excuses page listed below and investigate the failures, proceeding afterwards as per the StableReleaseUpdates policy regarding autopkgtest regressions [1].


[1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates#Autopkgtest_Regressions

Thank you!

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Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :
Download full text (53.1 KiB)

This bug was fixed in the package linux - 5.3.0-22.24

linux (5.3.0-22.24) eoan; urgency=medium

  * [REGRESSION] md/raid0: cannot assemble multi-zone RAID0 with default_layout
    setting (LP: #1849682)
    - Revert "md/raid0: avoid RAID0 data corruption due to layout confusion."

  * refcount underflow and type confusion in shiftfs (LP: #1850867) // CVE-2019-15793
    - SAUCE: shiftfs: Correct id translation for lower fs operations
    - SAUCE: shiftfs: prevent type confusion
    - SAUCE: shiftfs: Fix refcount underflow in btrfs ioctl handling

  * CVE-2018-12207
    - kvm: x86, powerpc: do not allow clearing largepages debugfs entry
    - SAUCE: KVM: vmx, svm: always run with EFER.NXE=1 when shadow paging is
    - SAUCE: x86: Add ITLB_MULTIHIT bug infrastructure
    - SAUCE: kvm: mmu: ITLB_MULTIHIT mitigation
    - SAUCE: kvm: Add helper function for creating VM worker threads
    - SAUCE: kvm: x86: mmu: Recovery of shattered NX large pages
    - SAUCE: cpu/speculation: Uninline and export CPU mitigations helpers
    - SAUCE: kvm: x86: mmu: Apply global mitigations knob to ITLB_MULTIHIT

  * CVE-2019-11135
    - x86/msr: Add the IA32_TSX_CTRL MSR
    - x86/cpu: Add a helper function x86_read_arch_cap_msr()
    - x86/cpu: Add a "tsx=" cmdline option with TSX disabled by default
    - x86/speculation/taa: Add mitigation for TSX Async Abort
    - x86/speculation/taa: Add sysfs reporting for TSX Async Abort
    - kvm/x86: Export MDS_NO=0 to guests when TSX is enabled
    - x86/tsx: Add "auto" option to the tsx= cmdline parameter
    - x86/speculation/taa: Add documentation for TSX Async Abort
    - x86/tsx: Add config options to set tsx=on|off|auto
    - [Config] Disable TSX by default when possible

  * CVE-2019-0154
    - SAUCE: drm/i915: Lower RM timeout to avoid DSI hard hangs
    - SAUCE: drm/i915/gen8+: Add RC6 CTX corruption WA

  * CVE-2019-0155
    - SAUCE: drm/i915: Rename gen7 cmdparser tables
    - SAUCE: drm/i915: Disable Secure Batches for gen6+
    - SAUCE: drm/i915: Remove Master tables from cmdparser
    - SAUCE: drm/i915: Add support for mandatory cmdparsing
    - SAUCE: drm/i915: Support ro ppgtt mapped cmdparser shadow buffers
    - SAUCE: drm/i915: Allow parsing of unsized batches
    - SAUCE: drm/i915: Add gen9 BCS cmdparsing
    - SAUCE: drm/i915/cmdparser: Use explicit goto for error paths
    - SAUCE: drm/i915/cmdparser: Add support for backward jumps
    - SAUCE: drm/i915/cmdparser: Ignore Length operands during command matching

linux (5.3.0-21.22) eoan; urgency=medium

  * eoan/linux: 5.3.0-21.22 -proposed tracker (LP: #1850486)

  * Fix signing of staging modules in eoan (LP: #1850234)
    - [Packaging] Leave unsigned modules unsigned after adding .gnu_debuglink

linux (5.3.0-20.21) eoan; urgency=medium

  * eoan/linux: 5.3.0-20.21 -proposed tracker (LP: #1849064)

  * eoan: alsa/sof: Enable SOF_HDA link and codec (LP: #1848490)
    - [Config] Enable SOF_HDA link and codec

  * Eoan update: 5.3.7 upstream stable release (LP: #1848750)
    - panic: ensure preemption is disabled during panic()
    - [Config] updateconfigs for USB_RIO500
    - USB: rio500: Remove Rio 500 kernel driver

Changed in linux (Ubuntu Eoan):
status: Fix Committed → Fix Released
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Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :
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This bug was fixed in the package linux - 5.3.0-24.26

linux (5.3.0-24.26) eoan; urgency=medium

  * eoan/linux: 5.3.0-24.26 -proposed tracker (LP: #1852232)

  * Eoan update: 5.3.9 upstream stable release (LP: #1851550)
    - io_uring: fix up O_NONBLOCK handling for sockets
    - dm snapshot: introduce account_start_copy() and account_end_copy()
    - dm snapshot: rework COW throttling to fix deadlock
    - Btrfs: fix inode cache block reserve leak on failure to allocate data space
    - btrfs: qgroup: Always free PREALLOC META reserve in
    - iio: adc: meson_saradc: Fix memory allocation order
    - iio: fix center temperature of bmc150-accel-core
    - libsubcmd: Make _FORTIFY_SOURCE defines dependent on the feature
    - perf tests: Avoid raising SEGV using an obvious NULL dereference
    - perf map: Fix overlapped map handling
    - perf script brstackinsn: Fix recovery from LBR/binary mismatch
    - perf jevents: Fix period for Intel fixed counters
    - perf tools: Propagate get_cpuid() error
    - perf annotate: Propagate perf_env__arch() error
    - perf annotate: Fix the signedness of failure returns
    - perf annotate: Propagate the symbol__annotate() error return
    - perf annotate: Fix arch specific ->init() failure errors
    - perf annotate: Return appropriate error code for allocation failures
    - perf annotate: Don't return -1 for error when doing BPF disassembly
    - staging: rtl8188eu: fix null dereference when kzalloc fails
    - RDMA/siw: Fix serialization issue in write_space()
    - RDMA/hfi1: Prevent memory leak in sdma_init
    - RDMA/iw_cxgb4: fix SRQ access from dump_qp()
    - RDMA/iwcm: Fix a lock inversion issue
    - HID: hyperv: Use in-place iterator API in the channel callback
    - kselftest: exclude failed TARGETS from runlist
    - selftests/kselftest/runner.sh: Add 45 second timeout per test
    - nfs: Fix nfsi->nrequests count error on nfs_inode_remove_request
    - arm64: cpufeature: Effectively expose FRINT capability to userspace
    - arm64: Fix incorrect irqflag restore for priority masking for compat
    - arm64: ftrace: Ensure synchronisation in PLT setup for Neoverse-N1 #1542419
    - tty: serial: owl: Fix the link time qualifier of 'owl_uart_exit()'
    - tty: serial: rda: Fix the link time qualifier of 'rda_uart_exit()'
    - serial/sifive: select SERIAL_EARLYCON
    - tty: n_hdlc: fix build on SPARC
    - misc: fastrpc: prevent memory leak in fastrpc_dma_buf_attach
    - RDMA/core: Fix an error handling path in 'res_get_common_doit()'
    - RDMA/cm: Fix memory leak in cm_add/remove_one
    - RDMA/nldev: Reshuffle the code to avoid need to rebind QP in error path
    - RDMA/mlx5: Do not allow rereg of a ODP MR
    - RDMA/mlx5: Order num_pending_prefetch properly with synchronize_srcu
    - RDMA/mlx5: Add missing synchronize_srcu() for MW cases
    - gpio: max77620: Use correct unit for debounce times
    - fs: cifs: mute -Wunused-const-variable message
    - arm64: vdso32: Fix broken compat vDSO build warnings
    - arm64: vdso32: Detect binutils support for dmb ishld
    - serial: mctrl_gpio: Check for NULL pointer
    - serial: 8250_...

Changed in linux (Ubuntu):
status: Invalid → Fix Released
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