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Robert Euhus (euhus-liste1) wrote :

@ Andy Whitcroft:
- in the commit d7235802d7735e53936c5ccfbe9e071021b394fb you write regarding linux-image-extra:
"As it also depends on linux-image we know that linux-image will have been installed before it, and will be removed after it."
The last part is not correct. We have no way of knowing, if the linux-image will be removed as well. Please see for a more detailed reasoning.

Since all we need on installation and removal of linux-image-extras is a rebuild of the corresponding version of the initrd, I would say this is all we should do. And not abuse and run all of the kernel post-install hooks on both occasions. At least on my systems I don't see any good reason to run any of the other hooks.

Please see the attached patch for the postinst and postrm hooks for the -extra package.