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Joseph Salisbury (jsalisbury) wrote :

Can you run some additional tests?

1. Test the Quantal kernel[0] on 12.04 vm. It can be a fresh 12.04 install or dist-upgraded to 12.04.1.
2. Test the Precise kernel[1] on the 12.10 (3.5.0-18-generic) vm.

This will tell us if the bug follows the Quantal kernel to Precise and if using the Precise kernel on Quantal makes the bug go away.

Also, Precise never actually used the v3.3 kernel, so this bug may have been introduced in one of the v3.3 release candidates. Can you also test the v3.3-rc4[2] kernel to see if it exhibits this bug? I picked v3.3-rc4 since its in the middle of v3.3-rc1 and v3.3 final.