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ossjunkie (ossjunkie) wrote :

thanks for the hint, but after trying i found that "start on (runlevel [06] and stopping libvirt-bin)" should do the trick. but i still got problems as i can use libvirt at first in the upstart job, but when testing the timeout loop it seems that libvirt-bin still stopped before the script finished.

why does libvirt-bin still stop before the libvirt-shutdown-guests job has finished the script?
do i have to modify the libvirt-bin job to wait for libvirt-shutdown-guests?
does upstart jobs also receive some sort of kill signal?
does upstart in general allow to delay the shutdown just by a loop in the script of a upstart job?

here is my current version. upstart experts required urgently ;)

BTW i have no problems when testing it with "initctl start libvirt-shutdown-guests", so any testing needs to done on real shutdown ;(