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psychedelys (psychedelys) wrote :

Well, I have also the same issue, but the button "add" is not appearing like in Comment 24.
I have tried the version and 2.31.1~bzr743-0ubuntu1~daily1 with no success.

I some how messed up a bit with the code,

in /usr/share/pyshared/gwibber/lib/gtk/, call fbc.users.getInfo(fbuid) was causing a 'silent' exception (no trace in the debug output'.
So, I replaced the /usr/share/pyshared/gwibber/microblog/util/ with the up-to-date git version at

This solved the first trouble, the code fbc.users.getInfo(fbuid) is now working!
I click on the Add button, but still no update or interaction with facebook available.